the New 52 Review, Part Two

Warning:  very mild spoilers.

Action Comics: Definitely feels like a departure from the more recent Superman, fitting the hype of portraying Superman as a brash defender of the have-nots. Did not disappoint in writing or art, but did not astound, either.

Animal Man: I’ve only read the first issue and already I think it’s going to be one of my favourite Animal Man runs ever. A great reintroduction that, unlike most of the other comics on this list, doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a rehash of things already seen.

Batgirl: After the lighthearted romp that was the previous Batgirl, this one’s shift toward dark is a bit jarring. Writing’s servicible, if a bit over-reliant on being gritty-crime, art is servicible but the Batgirl costume does no favours. Babs could have done so much better. ”He’s aiming at my spine”?  Puh-leeze.

Batwing: A good introduction to the Batman of Tinasha which features nice (if stiff) art and a more than servicible script. Am very glad that the idea of “the Batman of Africa” is nowhere to be seen in the book and for the worldbuilding within the pages.

Detective Comics: Fairly standard “dark” Bat-book so far with less-than-perfect dialogue but a lot happening each page; mediocre but with promise of doing something interesting.

Green Arrow: How about that; a Green Arrow book I don’t shudder at the thought of reading. While I continue to be annoyed at the DCnU’s apparent love for keeping things on the gritty side of things, this more Batman-esque Green Arrow is, at the very least, on the borderland between boring and interesting.


Hawk and Dove: Huh. The writing is decent and while Liefield is Liefield, it doesn’t take away from what is a half-decent reintroduction to Hawk and Dove—though I feel like adding in all the baggage from pre-new-52 was a mistake.

Justice League International: Feels much longer than it is; in a good way! Introduces the JLI in a breezy manner, gives us the characters and lets them do some superheroing. Not reinventing the wheel but I’m happy enough to have a round wheel.

Men of War: I’ve never been much for war comics, especially not when mixed with my superheroes. That said, this seems like it could be halfway decent by the end.

OMAC: I was deathly afraid of this one. I did not need to be. Bright, dynamic, fun and a good value for your comic dollar—how many titles can say that?

Static Shock: Despite my high hopes, Static really feels like it got short shrift with this one as the writing and art really isn’t up to the standards of the other series in this New 52. Worse, it continues the trend of referencing continuity which I thought was supposed to be gone and trying to gritty it up—and a character who is clearly supposed to be a new Spider-Man that’s really unneccessary.

Stormwatch: A fine contrast to Justice League, wherein an awesome threat is introduced, characters are quickly established and at least three (well, two but one of them is happening in two places) plots get themselves started. Not a perfect done-in-one, but nothing to scoff at.

Swamp Thing: Another fine reintroduction still laden with continuity; feels like a book written pre-new-52-boot. This isn’t a bad thing but at times a bit jarring. A slow starter but it has my interest.